Monday, January 25, 2010

Day favourite cup..

..this is my favorite mug, I use for my tea @ office ...:)..


  1. I liked the quote behind the cup ( of course the cup too!) but the sad part is that quote holds no meaning in India :(

    You need to do a lot of A** L***ng


  2. DK - I love that quote ..constantly reminds me to perform well..everyday..India ho ya USA.. everywhere we see people lazing around..and wasting their time for nothing..can't do much about such kind.. Isn't it!


  3. My husband will love that quote. I love the color of your Siri. No wonder it is your favorite.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. I was just going through a bout of laziness which turned into a hectic weekend. I clicked my pics just never got around to putting them up. They are up now. :)

  4. I will put this in my official e-mail ID, not as my signature but right on top, if I can find a way to do it!

    In any case, if people are shameless or un-shameable, it won't work.

  5. That's a beautiful mug Siri! I have tried keeping a mug at work for my coffee, but I always forget to wash it out and it just sits there rotting. So I've switched to disposable cups. Since Microsoft has switched from plastic to compostable cups, I don't feel too bad.


  6. Jaya - that is my all-time-favorite quote. :)..glad to know everything is fine with you. good to see you back!

    Sra - :) know the first thing I did when I joined this office was to put this on my cubicle and 'some people' even made fun of it.. I mean what is so funny about it..I guess they come under the 'shameless' category..

    Sig - that is problem with me too.. I just get lazy cleaning the cup.. but in my office they use plastic cups.. and I feel bad every time I use up a new one!


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