Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2/Day 9 - Yogi Green Tea

"Don't try to offer me anything
What it comes right down to baby
Don't tempt me; I'm where I wanna be
Cause on the eighth day, God made sweet tea
Certain things in life I like to savor
Watchin' clouds and waitin' on the rain
If you ever question my behavior
Just a taste will make you feel the same now."

~ lyrics from Cravin' Melon (Red Clay Harvest) "Sweet Tea"

I have always been a tea-lover. Never, ever liked the taste of coffee. And it comes with no surprise that my day starts (and sometimes ends) with a cup of hot tea. 

So, Here I am on a Sunday morning - savoring my Yogi Green Tea made with lemon grass + hot water & a touch of honey.


My Yoga Journal - Day 0

"Yoga is a way of life". A good way of life. It gives you mental balance, the stamina to face the day-to-day challenges of life, with ease. I always wanted to do Yoga but couldn't for many reasons. Now, I want to, I am ready to. through this 21-day YJ challenge. To be honest, I have never done yoga myself except for some basic meditation here & there but now I ready to take small, baby steps towards its learning.
So, I am sure this experience will be interesting for me to go through and I thought why not share my daily insights with you all, here. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted. :-)

Week 2 theme - T.E.A


  1. Before our day started with coffee but now for the last ne year it starts with tea too and i like it just black with no sugar. I am not a huge fan of green tea but hubby drinks it someti;es and i am lazy to make a different one for me so i drink then also.
    Love the pic and i like you use every week a theme. I will try that too

  2. I like my tea with a slice of lemon! So comforting.. Nice click Siri. I like the placemat.

  3. HC - Wow, black with no sugar. I still have to get accustomed to that taste. :-). I have tried both black & green teas, but preferred green over black. I think it depends on one's palate. Hope this theme-based approach works for you too.

    Divya - Ah! lemon. I like that too. will try tomorrow. thanks for the idea. ;-).

  4. Love the cup of tea..any time of the day :)

  5. are drinking tea in a Starbucks Coffee mug? LOL!

  6. Sanchita - True. :-)

    Anu - Finally, I was wondering who would point that out. you did ;-) LOL!


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