Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 14/Day 93 - Ma'alaea Harbor

No one can ever predict the weather in Hawaii, for sure.

Any daily weather report would say - "70% of chances of rain", around the year. Luckily for us, we had the *weather god's* blessings and it was a beautiful, sunny day, here at Ma'a'aea Harbor, Maui. We went sailing on a boat many miles off the coast for whale watching. For 2 long hours, we were with them, as the mama whales and baby whales played around in the Maui waters.

Their story of humpback whale migration - on how they do it all the way from Alaska is mesmerizing and even the scientists haven't able to figure out how they do it, tread the same path, every single year - that too without a GPS ;-).

..and only the male humpback whales sing too, the same song (with a slight note difference here & there) every year to woo the females, mate and have babies.


Week 14 - in Hawaii

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