Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 14/Day 94 - House of Sun

Haleakala in Hawaii translates to "House of Sun". It is on the island of Maui and watching sun rise over an elevation of 9,740 feet above sea level is one of the few must-do things , atleast once in a life time. The locals say - it is so beautiful that an year will be added to your life span. :-).

To watch the sun rise, we started off at 3 AM below the summit and it takes atleast 1.5 to 2 hours by car to reach up the crater. After a small hike, once you reach the top, all you have around are dense clouds. As the clock strikes 5:19 AM, the sun started to peek out of the clouds and there you have the most beautiful view, ever. The sun rays are so powerful, that we were told not to look at it directly for more than couple of seconds. We have also seen some helium batteries conked off around us, because of the elevation. (no one knows why).


Week 14 - in Hawaii


  1. so beautiful. i love silhouette shots!

  2. thanks Nags. I love the silhouette shots as well. this is only my first time and pretty happy with the results. :-)


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