Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 27/Day 186 - YRTML: Baingan Bartha

The day Anu blogged about Tamba's Baingan Bartha, I bookmarked immediately as it brought back a lot of memories of our first trip to Las Vegas. Here is my comment on her post on

Feb 19th 2011 -

Let me tell you my story here. I went to Las Vegas couple of months ago to the same eerie looking Tamba restaurant in that complex and had the same baigan ka bhartha. Wow, that is coincidence or what. those pics are so homey and yummy. I have a coil burner, so envy you for those phulkas. :-)


I had a coil burner all-along my stay in US and now the luxury of a gas-burner. No longer do I have to be envious and is a perfect timing to make her Bartha.

Did we like it? Nah! We loved it.  :-). Thanks Anu.

Week 27 - YRTML: FSB special


  1. Siri - Thank you so much for making this and now I'm envious of you coz you get the authentic baingan to do this and not the japanese eggplant! The bartha looks awesome and I wish I can come over to your place for lunch! We should both get together and go to Vegas and eat the original one too! LOL!

  2. Anu - that is one awesome idea. Wish we could go for an Vegas Trip together. That will be super fun :-)


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