Saturday, May 19, 2012

{Post Daily 2012} - Day 1: The Beginning!

One of my favorite shots from Project 365 2011

Something just struck me..

140 days have passed in the year 2012. that means it has been 140 days since my Project 365 2011 ended. Much has changed since then..just to list a few..(not in any order)
- a loved one fell terribly sick which threw our lives into chaos for a short period of time.
- we moved cities.
-  a very close friend gave birth to twin daughters.
opened an account on goodreads & pinterest.
 - started to read regularly (took up this challenge of  24 books from 24 different authors)
- tweet a tad bit more
- wrote only 6 posts on this blog!

One thing the project 365 taught me and something I lack now is  - discipline.

Yes, many of us have jobs where we write code which always has bugs, then we write some more to fix them, a vicious circle of boredom. But, every day of 2011 I had few moments of bliss & respite, where I would just slip into a world where I thought what to photograph, edited and published on this blog. It used to rejuvenate me immensely and I crave for such moments now.

In short, I miss hitting the "Publish" button, more often...and I wonder what's stopping me to do so?

All I have to do is to make an effort to steal few minutes - to ramble,  to photograph or to just quote something. As long as we have a soul to stir, we always have something to say. Isn't it?

..hence this effort - #postdaily2012- I will not call it a challenge, as it is not! I am not challenging myself here.

Just want to get some discipline back into my life....the stories will unfold from tomorrow. :-)



  1. Good luck Siri! I too miss the discipline of keeping a daily photo blog up, but I have gone so far from that life that it is pretty much impossible to get back on it. Maybe next year!

  2. 365 days of Siri is back!!! I loved it in 2011 and missed it in 2012... In my day-to-day life of writing code and then writing some more to fix what was written before :) , this site was one of the frequented places for a quick break! Good to know that I can still come back and find you soothing yet breathtaking pics to take my mind off the mindless things we have to do :)

  3. Thanks Sig. It took me 5 months to realise what was I missing. this time around I am planning to not just post pics, but write what comes to my mind - giving me complete freedom and taking the pressure off. Time will tell! :D

  4. Wow Sarah. That is the sweetest comment I received until now. Glad you like my photography though I consider myself amateur, still.:-). Hope I will keep you entertained this year as well. Thanks for coming back! :D

  5. Good to see you back...Good Luck Siri!!!

  6. Hello Siri:):) You inspire me:):) Keep this going:) God Bless:):) Hope you continue it even in 2013!:)

  7. a very heartwarming post. do keep signing in to the blogosphere often :-) good luck from the both of us :-)

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