Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 130/365 | Super Woman

..and that is my mother..

She did her Masters at the age of 42, managing with weekend classes, a demanding 9 to 5 job, two active-school going kids & everyday cooking.
She learnt driving at the age of 50.
She rarely takes leave from office and today (if she wants to) can take a paid leave for more than year!
She is an amazing cook who can whip up a gourmet meal, in her crisp cotton saree & you will not find even a grease spot.
She is compassionate, loving, forgiving and somebody who sticks to her principles & intuition.
(In the pic) She bought a new blood pressure machine and check my dad's BP every single day after his accident in last October.

We are, what we are today because of Y.O.U, Mom.

Love you lots. I hope I will be like you when I grow up!

Week 19 in pictures

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  1. Thats really amazing. I make an excuse everytime when I am not able to concentrate on my studies... for learning car driving... got inspired in true sense. My warm regards to her.


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