Monday, December 2, 2013

slant of light..

Nicky is in a dreamlike state, sitting in a corner of her tiny, dark bedroom. It's holiday season with people busy shopping for new clothes, carrying Christmas trees and cheering for those decorating their houses. The past few weeks have been very hard and she found herself trapped in a self-made solitude. Her wind chime makes a sound outside and for a second she thought it is her mom who came by with her favorite fruit cake. But, it is just the wind. "Why has life become so difficult all of a sudden?" she thinks and drops on her bed, tired of arguing with God; for not finding answers. She falls asleep dreaming about a perfect world where her mom is still alive, smiling on a hospital bed fighting a battle with cancer. Now, she is just waiting for a tiny joy that will make her alive again, like a slant of light through a peep hole in a dark window. 

She has been waiting for weeks now. She doesn't want to wait anymore.

In the kitchen, she finds her mother's neatly stacked recipe cards and  in next one hour, bakes the fruit cake following instructions to the tee. "Food is the only way I can connect to my mother", she realises, returning to full wakefulness. She finally gets to feel the small happiness she has been searching all along and now she knows what to do when she wants her mother around. 

Nicky smiles again.


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