Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Many at times we don't realize the power of a prayer. It doesn't need to be an elaborate procedure and one doesn't have to be religious in nature to pray. It could be as simple as a three letter word. To me personally, prayer is synonymous to expressing gratitude to God, just before going to bed. Good, bad and ugly, it doesn't matter how that particular day was. Each event, every aspect of it has something to teach us. Over the course of last few months, I understood the real meaning of self-love as well. Silly to say, but I never gave it a real thought until an event really struck me on my head. It took me sometime to really understand the gravity of it. Honestly, am still grappling with it, slowly inching my way out. What I do now is - to appreciate myself whenever I achieve something noteworthy. I reward myself with positive energy and affirmations that boost my self confidence. I give a pat of my back, talk soothingly (to my inner self) and consider any mistakes kindly. I let go of the nonsensical thoughts that my mind tend to waver to. By the end, all I am left with is enough zeal to face an another day - to learn new things, to be strong, to stay busy and to appreciate life as it comes.

This is to me is the true meaning of prayer - a powerful tool which has the capacity to bring tremendous amount of peace and calm to our body, mind and soul.


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