Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Books Read in 2015] The Second Empress by Michelle Moran

Having read most of her historical fiction like Nefertiti, Heretic Queen etc, after a long time I picked up this edition of Michelle Moran's book on Napoleon Bonaparte and his 19 yr old bride from Austria: Marie-Louise. All of the letters and facts presented in this book are indeed true and it is fascinating to learn how ambitious this not-so-French ruler was. Each of the chapter is a voice of handful of main characters like Pauline (Napolean's sister), Paul (a former Haitian slave smitten by Pauline) and Marie-Lousie herself. The author deftly deals with every point of view and it is an entertaining, easy read. For me though, Egypt will still be an absolute favorite when it comes to fiction based on ancient history.