Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 5 of Healthy Weight Loss

The back ache is still giving me a hard time so I decided to take it head on by doing some yoga poses specifically for lower back pain. It worked. I instantly felt my muscles relax a bit. Now, I have to keep up with those poses for a few days and see if it makes any difference.



Day 5, here is how it went -

Early Morning: 6 soaked raw almonds, Warm water with lemon juice

Breakfast: 2 Eziekiel bread slices with roasted red pepper & feta dip (from Whole foods), 3-egg whites scrambled with frozen veggies, coffee

Lunch: Blueberries with Hibiscus tea

Dinner: 3 Rotis with Sprouted Mung Dal Masala and Cucumber pieces

Snacks: Banana

Weight On Scale: 145.6 lb

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 4 of Healthy Weight Loss

The day started so miserably and I felt not so good at all. At home all day, mostly to sleep and give rest to my broken back. Hopefully the pain subsides real soon.

Ok, enough of ranting, let's talk about some good eating. I am happy that my not-so-good state didn't deter my plans to eat healthy. 

After 3 days, my sprouts are ready. Can't wait to sauté and eat them as snack from tomorrow.

Breakfast was late and heavy. Tried the Ezekiel bread with some dip and I loved it.  

Munched on Blueberries as a snack. Just 3$ for a whole pint. NYC street fruit vendors rock! ...and they taste good too!

Day 4, here is how it went 

Early Morning: 6 soaked raw almonds, Warm water with lemon juice

Breakfast: 2 Ezekiel bread slices with roasted red pepper & feta dip (from Whole foods), 3-egg white omelette topped with pesto, coffee

Lunch: 3 small Rotis with leftover Spinach-mung Dal curry and buttermilk

Dinner: 2 dosas with left over Mixed dal and buttermilk 

Snacks: Blueberries

Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 3 of Healthy Weight Loss

A visit to nearby Whole Foods (226 E 57 St.) was long due and finally I made one today during lunch time. Spent around 30$ on various items which will help me stick to this new healthy eating. One of them is Ezekiel bread (in frozen section). I got to know about this from K and am just hoping I will like its taste. Time will tell. :-)

For lunch, I grabbed a salad and soup from Whole Foods food bar. The chickpea salad was so filling that I brought the soup home to eat for dinner. That is one this I learnt from Mayo Clinic Diet . Stop when you feel full and pack the rest as left overs for next meal. Very obvious & straightforward but I duly implemented that just today!

Day 3, here is how it went -

No. of Steps logged: 11,802 

Breakfast: 6 soaked raw almonds, hummus & veggies

Lunch: Chickpea salad with spinach, charred zucchini, squash and red pepper (from Whole foods's salad bar)

Dinner: Split Pea soup, banana, blueberry yogurt

Snacks**: Green tea, White berries tea 

** between the meals or whenever hungry during the day ** 

Weight On Scale: 146.6 lb

Thursday, May 28, 2015

[Books Read in 2015] The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather

One aspect I was very curious about when I picked up this book was to see how one can live with $40 a week. Now I know! - by spending a good amount of time on purchasing locally available seasonal food and preserving them for many months to come. The book takes us through all four seasons and chronicles how the author made the best use of ingredients accessible to her, within budget. What excited me the most about this book is Mather's eloquent writing and recipes at the end of each chapter. Bookmarked a bunch of them to try later.

Day 2 of Healthy Weight Loss

Today it was very challenging to control my hunger pangs. I was continuously either snacking on fruits or drinking buttermilk/water and green tea.

At around 5:30pm, when my stomach was growling I promptly snubbed my craving to have DD hash browns, went into a store and bought hummus + veggies. This is a moment I will always remember for making a better choice. 😀

Bonus: Recorded 11K steps too! Yay. 

Day 2, here is how it went -

Breakfast: 6 soaked raw almonds, blueberry yogurt
Lunch: Barley rice with last night's mixed dal and bell pepper curry 
Dinner: 3 small Rotis with Spinach-Mung dal curry 
Snacks: Strawberries, Apple, Buttermilk (morning); Green Tea (Evening), Hummus & Veggies

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blogging from iPhone + Day 1 of Healthy Weight Loss

It is amazing how things have changed over the years especially in terms of my body metabolism. Gone are the days when I could eat whatever I can and not see a shed of fat on my body. Before I realized fully, I am now 8 pounds over my normal weight. It took several days for me to comprehend and finally accept that fact.

Time to take action and make meaningful choices while eating food from today onwards. A conscious effort is very much needed!

Day 1, here is how it went - 

Breakfast: Egg White Veggie Omelet with 2 Whole wheat bread slices
Lunch: Fruits (Watermelon, Papaya, Mango, Kiwi)
Drank lots of water and green tea twice
Snack: Munched on 1 pound of Red Cherries between 2 to 5pm. 
Dinner: Dal with 3 rotis

Dal made with 4 kinds - Pressure cook a fistful of each: toor dal, urad dal, moong dal and Chana dal. Tempered North Indian style with onions, tomatoes and garam masala.