Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 6 of Healthy Weight Loss

Things are going good in terms of me sticking to good eating habits and making healthy choices. I don't crave for white rice anymore which is great considering how much I love it. Also, I tried a new dish today - Kale Dal (with spilt green mung beans). It came out really well and ate along with some 2-day old barley rice + a dash of my mother's instant mango pickle. :-)

Kale Dal with Split Mung Beans

Day 6, here is how it went -

At 10:30 AM (woke up late): 6 soaked raw almonds, Warm water with lemon juice

Lunch: (a farewell lunch from my roomie at a Thai restaurant): Papaya Salad and Singapore Veg Noodles (ate only till I was no longer hungry; packed most of the noodles as take-home)

Dinner: Leftover Barley rice with Kale-Split Mung Bean Dal and Buttermilk 

Snacks: Watermelon

Weight On Scale: 143 lb

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