Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 8 of Healthy Weight Loss

Couple of things am religiously following since adopting this healthy life style -

1. Eat when hungry and Stop when feeling full. If there is still food left, that will be the next meal.

2. Eat lots of veggies, fruits and drink green tea (without any sugar)

3. No white rice. When there is a whole gamut of whole grains to explore, why should we stick to just carb heavy white rice?

4. Walk at least 6K steps or more per day. 

5. Limited amount of sugar in take. Some days it is absolutely zero except for sugars from eating fruits.

These simple rules seem to be working as I am 6 pounds lighter as of today. 7 more pounds to go. Let us see how long it takes. I am in no hurry as I want this to be like a lifestyle change rather than a 'diet'. 

Day 7, here is how it went -

Morning: 6 soaked raw almonds, Warm water with lemon juice

Breakfast: Egg white Veggie Omelet with 2 Whole wheat bread slices

Lunch: 2 Rotis with Dondakaya (Tindora) curry 

Dinner: Oatmeal with Spinach dal and a 1/2 tsp Mango Pickle

Snacks: Green Tea, Cucumber Slices with a bit of salt

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