Saturday, April 16, 2016

Book 10/30 | Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie

Three days ago, while casually browsing my IG feed I got to know about @simondavidthomas 's #1938club via my friend Arpita's @bagfullofbooks post. The concept is quite simple - choose a book published in the year 1938 and read/review it during the week of April 11th. I took a detour from what I was reading and quite hurriedly made a small list of short books of 1938 (as I had only couple of days to finish) and went to San Francisco Library to see what's readily available for check out. 'Appointment With Death' by Agatha Christie, one of her lesser known works was the only choice. Now that am done with it, here is what I think about the plot. The story is about the dysfunctional Boynton family and a motley of other guests who come to Jerusalem as tourists. The head of the family, the vicious Mrs. Boynton dies in suspicious circumstances and Poirot resolves to find the killer in 24 hrs. Being an ardent Hercule Poirot fan, I was a little disappointed that his character comes into action only after half way through the book in Part II. Part I is a build up for the crime to happen. An OK read when compared to other Agatha Christie books.

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