Saturday, June 10, 2017

#100DaysOfDoodles | Day 47 | Zentangle Tile

#100DaysOfDoodles | Day 47 | Zentangle Tile | The 100 Day Project 2017

Aren't Fridays supposed to be fun and kinda relaxed? After an excruciatingly exhausting day at work yesterday, I desperately needed some me-time to wind down and to calm my nerves a bit. What better way than to quickly look up a few tangle patterns and finish a Zentangle tile? The beauty of the whole process is there is no expected outcome other than a strange creative aimlessness of putting the pen to paper and staying open to whatever emerges. Late night tangling (especially when you don't have to work the next day) seems like a keeper idea for a good night's sleep!

Tangle patterns primarily used are: Agni, Tira and Knightsbridge. Sending this as an entry to It's String A Thing # 198 by Adele.


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