Monday, September 18, 2017

#100DaysOfDoodles | Day 92 | F**K Being Perfect

Fuck Being Perfect

"What happens when you get so fixated on perfection that you never begin? Never begin drawing. Never begin making stuff. Never begin pursuing any sort of passion for fear of not being able to do it incredibly well. Nothing you do will be good enough even for you. Why bother if you can't be great? ..... One of the problems with perfectionism is that you think you can conceive the destination before you embark on the journey, that you can plan it all out in advance, and that nothing else can intrude and change the outcome you have conceived. But, first of all, the world doesn't work that way. Unless you are doing something extremely simple and banal, something you can actually hold in your brain all at once, it will invariably intrude and change your well-laid plans. And, second you should welcome that intrusion. The accidents, mistakes, serendipities, and ink splatters that the universe throws in your path make your work and your life more interesting. Perfection isn't organic. It's constipated, lifeless, and dull."  ~ Danny Gregory (Art Before Breakfast)

Oh Danny, you stole my heart with those beautiful, insightful words.

Leanne, ( you are one of my favorite illustrators here on IG and thank you for this doodle inspiration. Also, apologies as yours was as innocent as waiting for crisp, fall weather and I, on the other hand took it to a whole new level.


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