Friday, September 22, 2017

#100DaysOfDoodles | Day 99 | If Friends were Flowers...

 If Friends were Flowers Florabunda Style Doodle

I mean it when I say - if it were not for the accountability from you amazing people of Instagram community, I would have never completed this 100 day doodle challenge, ever! There were times when it felt daunting, exhausting, impossible, too long, too scary and too hard. 😦 But, your likes and encouraging comments made it all worth it. So, thank you for the unwavering love and support. You guys make me a happier and a better person. Your posts on my IG feed cheer me up on the most mundane days and give mojo when I need it the most. And yes, if you were flowers, I would pick you ALL.  #communitymatters

Doodle Inspiration: @suzannebmcneill's Florabunda Style doodle book.


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