Thursday, October 26, 2017

“A picture is a poem without words” - Horace

 “There are no bad drawings. Drawings are experiences.
The more you draw, the more experienced you’ll get.
In fact, you’ll learn more from bad or unpredictable or weird experiences than from those that go exactly as you’d hoped and planned.
So let it go.
Release your ego’s desire for perfection.
Take risks.
Create as much as you can, whenever you can.”
― Danny Gregory (@dannyobadiah), The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are

Welcoming a new month with a super quick bullet journal page. Hello November! πŸπŸ‚☕️🍻 . . . Inspired by @printablecrush IG

A birthday boy in the house!

I love a Sunday for so many reasons and always sad to let it go. Finally picked up watercolors after almost 2 weeks and it #feelagoodtobebackatit

The looooong awaited holiday season is finally fast approaching. πŸ’ƒπŸ½The office already feels quiet and empty with holiday lunches quickly filling up the calendar. May all of us have so much fun that we never get tired of these celebratory times. πŸ˜„πŸ’ͺ🏽 Happy Holidays guys! I am all set to vegetate on the couch for the next few days. #couchpotato 

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we went out for TH’s birthday dinner and today finally got a few minutes to watercolor that moment. The pocket notebook is turning out to be an unintentional journal of sorts.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton

 It is almost 6 pm. that means the weekend has come to an end and Monday blues have started to set in - meal prepping, setting clothes, packing the work bag blah blah blah!

 No, not in my wildest of dreams I thought I could THIS is 10 minutes 😲. 5.24 mins to sketch and the rest to paint. I have to admit, the challenge is forcing me to work faster, pushing my limits every which way possible and dare I say I am loving it so far.

Ta-da! Here is an amateur attempt at urban sketching done in 10 minutes from a reference phone photo (swipe right) I took on my way to the train station. One day I will gather enough chops to draw on location but for now photos should do.

Our mind is such curious little bug. One day it says - faster is better; beat the clock; sketch as much as you can. And on an other day (like today), it quips - faster is not necessarily better you know; learn to go slow and feel the moment.So, that’s what I did - ditched my 10 minute timer and sketched/painted until satisfied. I quite like the final outcome. Do you?

One of those days where you let it wash over you and be glad its over. Cheers to a better tomorrow! 😊


Sunday, October 22, 2017

“Every artist was first an amateur” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trying something new and super scary from today to beat the shit out of the control freak/perfectionist in me - the one who wants to post an Instagram worthy, perfectly drawn illustration every day; the one who is not letting me grow or explore because of the fear of failure. Solution: 10 Minute Sketching for One Year!. 😲 With 10 mins on the phone timer, using just a pen and a recent phone photo as a reference, here is a sketch drawn during my evening train commute. It may not look like the magnificent San Francisco City Hall, but I am sure it will one day if I continue this practice of emptying my mind and letting things fly.

Everyday Scenes 1 | Call it a lifeline or a survival juice, both mean Coffee! ☕️ Good morning everyone and a Happy Friday. Yay! We made it. πŸ‘πŸ½ Also, I found a handy companion for my speed sketching practice - a moleskine watercolor pocket sketchbook which I bought on a whim from Amazon. It has a hard cover with an elastic closure, 3.5 X 5.5 inches in size, sturdy paper (to add a splash of color later?) and literally fits in my back pocket. πŸ˜„Applying the strategy of convenience here (from @gretchenrubin’s Better than Before book) to make sure sketching becomes a daily habit. Wish me luck! 

Everyday Scenes 2 | Here is an another one I managed to sneak in today. Is it evident from my posts that I am having too much fun? πŸ˜‹ that’s because time-boxing the practice to just 10 mins feels strangely liberating. “When you know it ends in a few minutes, what do you got to loose to try? Isn’t it?” is how I am approaching this new habit.

Since it is a Saturday and I have all the time, supplies and natural light at my disposal πŸ˜†, I upped the ante a bit for 10 minute sketch challenge - to draw AND paint. The pen sketch took 4 mins and watercolor 6 mins. I always wanted to illustrate Empire State Building from memory and so glad I could add it to the mix.

I squeezed in another 10 minute sketch before tea time - a recipe from @foodandwine July 2017 edition was my subject this time making the foodie in me very very happy. πŸ˜„ Pen Sketch: - 5 minutes. Watercolor: - 5 minutes


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Watercolor Color Chart

Ok! So, making this watercolor mixing chart has been one of the most time-consuming yet immensely satisfying things I ever did with my Sunday afternoon free time. πŸ˜„ The best part - it acts as a handy reference tool where I can see how each of the colors in my palette react with others, removing the guesswork and in turn saving a ton of time while painting. I now know how to get a variety of blues for my skies, greens for the forests and browns for wood/buildings. Out of 24 colors from the Sakura Koi Watercolor Set, I chose 12 of my favorites for the chart. Swipe right to have a closer look and if you made a color chart, do tag me. I would love to see yours too! 🎨


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Art vs art

#Inktober2017 | ​Author Danny Gregory (@dannyobadiah) in his fabulous book 'Art Before Breakfast' had a perfect answer to a question that was stuck in my head forever. Why do I always feel this urge to spend every single free minute I have to make art? and here is why  😊 -

“Art with a big 'A' is for museums, galleries, critics, and collectors.

art with a small 'a' is for the rest of us.

Art is a business, an industry, a racket.

art is about passion, love, life, humanity - everything that is truly valuable.

Art is sold, resold, put under the gavel, and insured up the wazoo.

art with a small 'a' is not a product. It's a point of view. It's a way of life.

Art is made by trained professionals and experts.

art is made by accountants, (software developers), farmers, and stay-at-home moms at restaurant tables, in parking lots, (trains) and laundry rooms.

Art takes Art School and Talent and years of Suffering and Sacrifice.

art just takes desire and 15 minutes a day.

You may not be a Artist. Big whoop. πŸ˜† But I know you can make art - with a wonderful, expressive, teeny, tiny 'a'."

Sunday, October 1, 2017

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." ~ John W. Gardner

just because I love flowers, watercolors and watercolored flowers. 🌸 #somuchtolearn .

#Inktober2017 | I remember so vividly the summer holidays spent shopping with my grandmother in the gullies of Charminar. I even remember a shopkeeper complimenting on how good my Urdu was. It has been years since I went on such an outing and every time I look at the beautiful pictures on @madhugopalan feed, I miss home even more. Staying so far away, all I can do is two things - cook some spicy Hyderabadi food (biryani and mirchi ka salan anybody?) and draw the iconic Charminar to reminsce all the cherished memories Sigh!

#Inktober2017 | One-point perspective, Two-point perspective, Vanishing point, Horizon line.. - these are just a few new words I learnt since I started my way towards understanding watercoloring as an medium. There is so much one can do with those tiny color cakes that the choices may seem overwhelming to a beginner like me. 😯Then I saw IG accounts like @_atravel_diary_ , @a.aradilla and I knew I wanted to explore Urban Sketching. It also felt like a dejavu as I remember buying a pack of post cards on urban sketching by various artists last year around the same time, out on a whim. I can't believe exactly an year later, I will be seriously pursuing it as a hobby! πŸ‘πŸ½ Today's illustration which is inspired from Tom's (@circlelineartschool) fantanstic YT tutorial is dedicated to my 10 month stint working in the bustling New York City. Every minute of my free time was spent wandering on streets of Fifth Avenue and Madison Ave, just gazing up at the skyscrapers. πŸ˜„

#Inktober2017 | This City Street View illustration (from @circlelineartschool YT tutorial) took every bit of time, focus and energy I had on Sunday and by the end, I was both happy and surprised that I could actually pull it off πŸ˜€ The 100 Day Doodle Challenge surely improved my ink drawing skills.