Saturday, February 3, 2018

Day 8 - 14 | “I prefer living in color.” ~ David Hockney

Day 8 | Radish anyone?

Day 9 | That sneaky little thing is here again! 😁 Hope you all have a great week ahead. Happy Monday.

Day 10 | ... the journey in itself is worthwhile rather than the destination.

Day 11 | Flower love

Day 12 | Really!? Where did January go? 😳 This month flew by so fast that I realized late in the day that it is time to set up my February #bujo. My theme for this month is self-love and I am (secretly) planning to journal at least 100 words every day to explore my innermost thoughts. Sticking to the self-care theme, here is a watercolor art as the title page in my #bulletjournal 

Day 13 | The second most favorite day of the week! Happy Friday. Today’s artwork is inspired by a regram on @staedtlermars profile and originally illustrated by @inkandlise.

Day 14 | Weekend mode = Couch Potato mode. Happy Saturday y’all!


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