Monday, June 4, 2018

Day 52 - 56 | "In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece” ~ Kai Greene

It has been a while since I posted on the blog. Days are just slipping away between work, home and doing nothing significant. Because I need a kick in my b*** to finish my 100 Days Of Art (2018), I have decided to take on the #30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge by @marctaro starting this June 1st. Though he name suggests to use only watercolors, I am going to add black waterproof liner whenever necessary. So stoked already! 😍 This daisy piece is inspired by @airyfairyletters

Let me start my #30x30DirectWatercolor2018 journey with a nod to my favorite beverage and a quote I relate to the most these days - "Coffee...because adulting is hard!#@#$#@^#$". I made this piece from @mariyakey's skillshare class on watercolor coffee illustrations. I think I am slowing getting a hang of the ever-elusive wet-on-wet watercolor technique. Still a long way to go.

Growing up, I was never a home bird. Every free moment was spent outdoors or with friends. Now, in my thirties, much to my own surprise, I appreciate solitude so much more. ☺️ Give me a cup of hot joe and a good book, you will not hear a beep from me. Happy weekending everybody!

Back in February, when Zakkiya (@inkstruckstudio) posted a watercolor coffee illustration tutorial, I was immediately mesmerized at its beauty and simplicity. Today's piece is inspired from it and because it is a Sunday morning, I am still procaffenating...

Giving the coffee art a mini break, here are some watercolored strawberries I did for the first time. Not bad huh? 🍓 🍓Sure, we usually find strawberries all year round but I eagerly wait for June-July when the real, ripe, juicy ones hit the farmer's markets. ☺️D Happy Monday everyone. 


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