Monday, July 30, 2018

My Watercolor Supplies (Old and New)

When I started my journey with watercolors in September 2017, I was not sure how far this new hobby would take me. So, my choices were pretty basic and functional for a beginner like me.

My Watercolor Supplies 
Watercolor Paints: After reading many reviews, I bought my first watercolor set - Sakura Koi 24 Assorted Watercolor Field Sketch Set. It served me well for 3 months and as you can see in the below pic, the half pans quickly dried out and started to chip. They are still usable, though the pigment needs tons of water to re-wet.

Then, I upgraded to Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint, Metal Box Pocket Set of 12 Half Pans. These are honey based paints and how wonderfully yummy (if I may so) from Sakura. Even after almost 6 months of usage, the pigment re-wets beautifully with a touch of water and the colors are super vibrant, glide on paper.

Watercolor Paper and Brushes: I am mostly a weekend artist with a 9 to 5 day job. So, as you can see from most of watercolor works, I paint small. Hence, my sketchbook is - Moleskine Art Plus Watercolor Album, Pocket, Black, Hard Cover (3.5 x 5.5). For the brushes, I bought - Loew Cornell 1023599 Soft Comfort Round Brush Set which has four sizes. They are super comfortable to use at an awesome price point.

Apart from my Moleskine sketchbook, I also practice on Canson XL Waterpads. Below you can see how I cut a big sheet into four pieces to paint individual art works.

Watercolor Summit Supplies

After self-paced learning from various skillshare classes, youtube videos, it is now time to kick up a notch for few more techniques from seven talented watercolor artists who are teaching at Watercolor Summit happening from August 13 - 29 2018.

Below are a few additional supplies I bought just a few days ago and I can't wait to use them. :-)

Do you have any favorite watercolor supplies to recommend for a beginner like me? The plan is to discover my favorites over time and replace each of the student grade paints with artist grade paints like Winsor Newton. 

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